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Whether you prefer the calendar or the online pictorial, my body is my gift to you.

I am the girl next door, both naughty and nice. I am the girl you take home to meet momma and the girl you slip away to meet in the next town. The girl who blows the straw wrapper in your face at the diner and the woman you order the wine pairing for at a 5-star restaurant.  

I am May and I am December, the schoolboy's dream and the gentleman's fantasy.

Know I was thinking of you with every pose.

The Benjamin Chronicles: Lust. Love. Laughter.
Mallory Malloy. Get Some. 
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Mallory Malloy. Get Some. 
Naugthy and Nice: The Mallory Malloy Pictorial
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The Girl Next Door: The 2016 Mallory Malloy Calendar

I write the funniest, smartest most explicit stories you've ever read. I will take you where you've always wanted - but perhaps never dared - to go.

You will be the US Ambassador discreetly seduced by both prince and commoner. You will be the bored preacher's wife. You will be the older woman, in utter and surprising command, seducing your daughter's boyfriend. And you will be the one commanded by your mother's boyfriend.

And you'll meet Benjamin. From college to the advanced stages of a professional career, Benjamin will be everything you've ever wanted. And loved. And perhaps even hated!But we sleep with him anyway.

Lust, love and laughter. Come, let's make this journey together.